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Project Description

bearings 23260K roller bearing,spherical roller bearings

spherical roller bearings 23260K

23260CACK/W33 Bearing Size Specifications

Bearing type: 23260CACK/W33 bearing

Bearing series: Spherical roller bearings

Bearing inner diameter: 300

Bearing outer diameter: 540

Bearing thickness: 192

23260CACK/W33 bearing use

These bearings can be used for: automatic pumps, pulse welders, reciprocating pumps, friction welders, shield pumps, cold welders, dosing pumps, plastic welders, vane pumps, manual welders, multi-stage pumps, resistance welders, centrifugal Pumps, Aluminium welders, Pressure test pumps, Welded pipe machines, Pipeline pumps, Foot welding machines, etc.

Wafangdian Jin Yu Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd ( with regitered brand “WJY”) is located in “Northern Pearl–Dalian”,China Bearing Industry Birthplace–Wafangdian City.Our company covers an area more than 6000 square meters,has assets of RMB 60 million and employs 300 staff including 46 senior engineers and technical staff.We mainly produce Nine type bearings with inner diameter of above 100mm,which are widely used in metallurgy,mining,petroleum,chemical industry,paper making,electric motor and mechanical engineering applications.

Export to Middle East 27%
Export to Asia 23%
Export to Europe and America 35%
Other Area 15%