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Project Description

big roller bearing 3538 22238 22238MB 22238CA 22238CC 22238MBW33

big roller bearing 3538 22238

big roller bearing 3538 22238

big roller bearing 3538 22238 22238MB 22238CA 22238CC 22238MBW33

22238CA / W33 bearing is a spherical roller bearing, the thickness of 92mm.22238CA / W33 bearings

Basic Information

Chinese name
22238CA / W33 bearings

Types of
Spherical roller bearing
the inside diameter of
190 mm

22238CA / W33 bearings are NSK Bearings spherical roller bearings under the brand name, size 22238CA / W33 bearing a variety of parameters, such as weight, diameter, thickness or height, rated static and dynamic loading, the reference speed and speed limit, etc. . The following is a partial list of NSK 22238CA / W33 bearing parameters.

Bearing: 22238CA / W33

OD: 340 mm

Thickness: 92 mm

Dynamic load: 1140000

Static load: 1730000

22238CA / W33 bearing also includes 22238CAME4C3,22238CAME4,22238CAME4S11,22238CAME4C3S11,22238CAE4,

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22238CA / W33 bearings are Spherical Roller Bearings series, the application of a wide range of applications, the current 22238CA / W33 bearings are mainly used in pharmaceutical equipment, power meters, gear processing, drilling, electrical instrumentation, disintegration instrument, noise reduction noise reduction equipment, machine tools Components, pressure regulator, car lights and other equipment.

22238CC / W33 bearings

22238CC / W33 bearing for the model.

Basic Information
Chinese name
22238CC / W33 bearings
Bearing Type
22238CC / W33 bearings
Bearing diameter

Bearing outer diameter

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Bearing series: Spherical roller bearings, cylindrical and tapered bore, cylindrical bore, no seals

Bearing thickness: 92

Bearing use

These bearings can be used for: clothing machinery, horizontal lathe, planting machinery, box drying equipment, noise, sound absorption materials, CVT, stamping machine, textile accessories, washing, drying equipment, welding, cutting equipment , Cutting machines, curved rails, canned food processing equipment, tube heat exchangers, magnetic separation equipment, electrostatic generating equipment, traffic, Roots pumps, and so on.

Wafangdian Jin Yu Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd ( with regitered brand “WJY”) is located in “Northern Pearl–Dalian”,China Bearing Industry Birthplace–Wafangdian City.Our company covers an area more than 6000 square meters,has assets of RMB 60 million and employs 300 staff including 46 senior engineers and technical staff.We mainly produce Nine type bearings with inner diameter of above 100mm,which are widely used in metallurgy,mining,petroleum,chemical industry,paper making,electric motor and mechanical engineering applications.

Export to Middle East 27%
Export to Asia 23%
Export to Europe and America 35%
Other Area 15%